What is the ACL Re-injury Prevention Test?

The re injury prevention test looks at the function of your knee to help guide you in what activities are safe to return into or whether you need more focused rehabilitation. You’ll be guided through the objective testing by a specially trained physiotherapist who has a special interest in ACL injuries. The RIPT uses a battery of functional tests, designed to assesses your psychological readiness to return to activity, muscular strength and the biomechanics of your knee. These test will involve single leg hopping, a subjective outcome measure and a physical strength test. These are the key factors identified in the literature that can be used to predict an individual’s risk of re-injury.

After the test

The physiotherapist will sit down and talk to you about your performance and the physical results of test. The test gives you a Yes/No result. The result tells you if you are ready to participate in sporting, recreational and work activities. A ‘Yes’ indicates you are ready. A ‘No’ indicates that you are not yet ready to return to activity. You and your physiotherapist and surgeon will be given guidance on the rehabilitation you need to focus on, to improve the strength and function of your knee.

Using the test results to help you

People who pass this test are much less likely to re injure the knee when going back into sport and other activities. People who don’t pass the test have a higher risk of re injury if they go back into sport.

Who has developed this test?

The re injury prevention test has been developed by Unisports Ortho. They have used this test already with many patients after ACL surgery. It has the backing of the New Zealand Orthopaedic Association Knee Society

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